Ready to go tests

Recruitment Assessment also offers a wide range of Pre-Built tests for any requirement, ideal for clients that need a proven test that combines key subjects and appropriate skill levels that can be used very quickly, typically in under an hour. Scroll down to see the full range of ready to go tests.

FEATURED TEST EXCEL PLUS is designed for recruiters of any size and type, It will prove not just Excel abilities but will also enable you to be confident that data can be analysed accurately and that information can be entered correctly. When your test is active you provide the candidate with a link, they access the test at a time and place that is convenient. Immediately they have completed the test a comprehensive results email is sent to you.
The results will show you:

  • Candidate’s overall score
  • How they did in each topic area Excel, Numerical Proof Reading, Data Checking, Numerical Reasoning and Data Entry
  • How every question was answered
  • Time taken to answer each question

You can save the detailed results as a PDF or Word document so that you can attach the results to their application. You can be testing candidates in just a few minutes, results come to you immediately .

The online test comprises 40 questions at the skill level you choose it is pre-set with a 40 minute time limit:

  • Test 5 candidates       £ 95.00    + VAT
  • Test 10 candidates   £ 155.00   + VAT
  • Test 20 candidates  £ 275.00   + VAT

All prices Ex. VAT, unused candidate credits never expire.

If you would like to test more than 20 candidates or need any advice or information please call 0845-8400123 or use our contact form


Ready to Go Tests

Choose the test with the combination of subjects and the skill level you need, then select the number of candidate credits required. One candidate credit is used when the test is taken, unused credits never expire.

Provide the candidate with the link we send you. As soon as the candidate has taken the test you will receive a comprehensive results email.  

If you can’t find the test you want just call 0845-8400123 we can create any combination of questions that you require.

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