Team Review Solution

For most recruiters there are two elements to candidate testing Business Skills (Excel, Logical Thinking et. al.) and Psychometric Evaluation.

Until now we do not believe that there has been an effective way to assess perhaps the most important capability – a candidates abstract / strategic thinking abilities. But now there is – The Team

Review Solution. Download our PDF information sheet here.

Below is another potential scenario and, although it may not exactly fit your own case, hopefully it will give you some insight into how The Peer Review Solution could enhance your future candidate evaluations.

The Marketing Director has has identified a new market opportunity and is looking for a Manager to take the project from inception to completion. In consultation with the HR team they have determined that they should consider applications from existing staff and external candidates. The process they have identified is that all candidates will be asked to compile a one page briefing document for the board, outlining the risk and opportunity of a project. The briefing document must only use the information provided to all of the candidates.

A number of assessors from both inside and outside the business will be asked to judge the candidates proposition:

  • An unlimited number of Assessors can be asked to participate
  • None of the assessors will have any knowledge of the candidate, they will only see a candidate reference number.
  • The assessors will all use the same criteria, defined by the recruitment team.
  • Assessors will consider criteria such as Grammar, Clarity of Thought, Technical Knowledge, Planning, Risk etc.
  • Candidates will be given a specific amount of time to complete the task.
  • The assessors marks will be collated by the system, for both the individual criteria and an overall result.
  • This approach will provide a “level playing field” to judge all of the candidates.

There are very many ways that The Peer Review Solution could be used, we provide the structure you determine what the task and criteria should be.