More Than Just An Excel Test – Recruitment Assessment Excel Plus Test

Like many of our competitors one of the most frequent requests we receive is for “just an Excel™ test”. At Recruitment Assessment, we don’t want to provide just a test we want to provide the best possible Excel skills test. Can the candidate use the specific features of Excel needed for your particular role? Can the candidate recognise the quality of the data that has been produced and did they accurately enter the data in the first place?

If you need to be sure about a candidates Excel Skills there is no better solution than an Excel Plus Test from Recruitment Assessment.

The combination of Excel Simulation Questions, where the candidate performs realistic tasks, Numerical Proof Reading, Numerical Reasoning and Data Checking provides a robust and reliable assessment of the candidates abilities.

Easily understood detailed results arrive immediately in your Inbox – You will know the Overall Score, how they did in each Topic Area, how Every Question was answered and the Time Taken to answer each question.

There are 3 skill levels to choose from and cost effective options however many candidates you need to evaluate. Whether you are looking to test 5 or 500 candidates Recruitment Assessments range of tests can provide you with dependable, affordable and effective tests. Speak to our knowledgeable team on 0845-8400123 or please use our contact form and we will get back to you.