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Are More Of Your Clients Demanding That Candidates Are Assessed In Advance?

Recruitment Agencies Who Need To Test

If you are finding that recruitment clients are requiring objective testing before shortlisting, then you are not alone.

For some clients and roles, we are finding that it is an absolute prerequisite of them selecting a recruitment agency. And while it may not be a need for every job, there is no doubt that the recruitment industry is having to adapt to this growing demand.

There are many skills testing providers out there and many of our recruitment agency clients have had on and off relationships with them. But, as clients have become more demanding of agencies, they in turn are having to become more demanding of their skills testing providers.

And while price is always a consideration – it is no longer the main consideration. More important is that the skills-based tests available need to be wide and varied, have the ability to address all levels of expertise, with the most modern versions of office software.


For example, one of our most popular tests is our Excel Skills Plus test. What makes it attractive is that the test addresses the specific need of the client, and you can test them on different versions of Excel, up to even the most recent. The same is true of a lot of office based skills tests.

Some skills testers, unfortunately, have not moved with the times. They only offer older software versions to test skills against. This makes the test irrelevant and leaves the agency somewhat exposed to client dissatisfaction.


Recruitment Assessment is the UK strategic partner of the eSkill Corporation – a global leader in online business skills testing. eSkill focusses on providing up to date, and if required, bespoke skills testing. If you are not familiar with what eSkill offers, then we provide a free no obligation demo.

We are confident that our solution more that satisfies the needs of Recruitment Agencies by offering a broad range of office skills topics. We are also pleased to offer Recruitment Agents a 25% discount on our larger subscriptions. This means that you will never be short of high-quality skills testing credits to use on your clients’ roles (whenever they required).

Successful Recruitment Agencies choose quality, up to date skills testing over limited and low cost – because their clients demand it.

Call Warren now to find out why and for a free demo on 0845 8400123 or visit

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Happy Enough With Your Current Skills Testing Supplier But Sometimes Wonder If There Could Be A Better Option Out There For You?

The short answer is that there probably is are better alternatives!

  • Have they kept pace with software changes?
  • Are they offering MS Office 2016 or still stuck at 2010?
  • Do they keep upping their prices because they think that you won’t notice?
  • Are they charging for training and support?
  • Do they limit the subjects that are in your subscription?
  • Are the number of tests and candidates limited?
  • Can you link the test to your corporate Facebook, Instagram or Linked in accounts?

We all know that software changes over time. In the area of skills testing, this is certainly true. New features are being added or refined as vendors attempt to keep ahead of the competition.

As users of the software, it is very difficult to keep track of the changes from your current provider, let alone what alternative providers offer.

We all review staff performance on a regular basis. This should also apply to “service providers”, including your skills testing software.

But, when we speak to clients about this they are sometimes reluctant to go through a review. They are not sure what eSkill offers and whether it will be any better than what they are currently using.

These are understandable concerns. This is why we recommend trialling our eSkill software alongside your current provider.

We are very confident that Eskill compares positively with other providers. So confident, that we are offering a free no obligation trial.

To take this free trial please email or call me, Warren, on 0845 8400123.

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How Much Should You Expect A Candidate To Pay To Apply For One Of Your Jobs?

How Much Should You Expect A Candidate To Pay To Apply For One Of Your Jobs?	This may seem a flippant question but there is a truth to it which many employers do not consider. Even the minimum requirement is going to be their time. Perhaps, they can fit the interview in at lunchtime or after work but for many, this will not be possible, so they will be forced to take some paid or unpaid leave. Additionally what if there is travel time, travel cost and perhaps for many applicants child care is another expense that could impact. What if your process requires a candidate to attend more than one interview the costs could be a real burden.

How much should they invest before you acknowledge that they do not even have the core skills you need for the role?

Making online skills testing the first stage in your process will confirm that they have the abilities you need and can also help the candidates understand more about the role. They can take the test at a time and place that suits them. You receive the detailed results immediately empowering you to move them forward or rejecting them as appropriate.

Let eSkill and Recruitment Assessment show you how we can help you be fairer to candidates. Call our consultants on 0845-8400123 or email

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The Conundrum Of Staff Turnover – A Problem Or An Opportunity?

When asked about the immediate and long-term impacts of staff turnover, many HR managers and executives reply that it’s a negative thing.

But, leaders of some of the world’s most profitable organisations see this as an opportunity.

Yes, the goal when hiring a new addition to your team is to place someone in a role they will excel at and be content with for a lengthy period of time. But, having members of your organisation leave (who weren’t the correct fit) isn’t always a  bad situation – this can be the moment to give your existing team new and exciting opportunities.

Before I get into the “why,” let’s examine some of the most common reasons for attrition:

  • Feelings of skillsets being underutilised or certain abilities not being used at all
  • The repetitiveness of tasks or daily responsibilities
  • The sense of being stuck in a role they were only expecting to be temporary
  • Lack of dynamic growth or potential in their current position
  • A change of interests (personal or professional) that no longer align with their path in the organisation

The Why

When you take these into consideration, you can imagine how some of these same feelings could influence you to make career changes yourself.

Your staff are no different. They are constantly evaluating their happiness in their current job.

This is why the most successful organisations around the globe, whether they have dozens of staff members or thousands, use turnover as a chance to “shuffle the deck,” so to speak – recruiting from within to refresh the work culture and reduce turnover rates in the future.

As we get into the “how,” I’ll explain to you what Aspirant from Recruitment Assessment is, and why it’s an essential tool for your organisation during this process.

Imagine this scenario…

One of your department heads is in need of a person with strong sales abilities to fill a vacancy. Recruiting is costly – both in time and money, as well as risk – and there’s little guarantee that the new hire for the sales position will become a long-term asset.

In one of your other departments, that’s unrelated to sales, you have a very talented staff member, let’s call them “Chris Smith,” with exceptional sales ability who is also losing interest in their current role, and is looking for something more challenging.

This is where many companies miss the mark – lacking knowledge of the many skills and abilities possessed by your staff members (unrelated to the roles for which they were hired), causes forfeiture of opportunities that are completely free, not to mention vital in:

  • Retaining staff
  • Cultivating an exciting work culture with limitless possibilities
  • Keeping your team focused on growing with the brand, knowing they can branch into other roles

When hiring a candidate, this analysis is usually done – to some degree at least – so that you should have hired round pegs for round holes. But, you cannot rely on the skills highlighted in their application, as they’ll likely tailor them to match the role you’re hiring for.

Why would Chris tell you about his sales ability when it added no value to the job he was applying to? This could be one of a dozen skillsets Chris has that you are unaware of.

The How

Using Aspirant, this valuable skills information is organised in a searchable way, giving department heads vital insights about the collective skills possessed throughout your organisation – not just the ones mentioned during interviews.

In other words, you see the whole picture of your staff and thereby gain far greater value out of them, increasing the speed with which you can supply skilled workers to meet needs.

The Features and Benefits Of Aspirant

Strengthening your organisation begins with empowering individuals. Aspirant enables any staff members, who so choose, to access a personal testing centre.

  • Here, they can select any / all pre-configured online multi-topic tests
  • These results then form part of their competency portfolio where they can anonymously show their prowess
  • These results might have no relationship to their current role or skills that were assessed when they joined the company
  • Managers who have a vacancy can search the data set against several different criteria
  • Via the HR department, they can then make contact with any candidates that have the requisite abilities/aptitudes, let them know about their roles and see if they want to know more about the position

Now, your staff members can take pride and ownership in their current roles within the organisation, knowing that being considered for other different roles is part of the culture.

Increase efficiency, reduce turnover, lower costs, and build vast, loyal teams by learning more about those who work for you. Aspirant by Recruitment Assessment makes this process simple and streamlined.

Learn More With No Obligation

I welcome the opportunity to address your questions, and to provide detailed answers about how our system can fit into your existing staff management structure.

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How To Make Pre Employment Business Skills Testing Simpler And More Effective

Hands up anyone who has never made a mistake when recruiting new staff?
If you are like many of our clients who want to use business skills testing software to help identify and validate candidates then you need to read on.

Here Is The Deal
We recently launched a new service called Fyrtio – a simple but powerful packaged business skills testing solution. The response has been extraordinary with many citing its ease of use as a game changer and highlighted a number of the new service’s feature such as:

  • it is the most straightforward way for HR specialists to test candidates. It utilises all the sophistication of the eSkill larger solutions but provides it in an easy to use format.
  • Fyrtio can act as a complete test centre with more than 40 different tests, each one is a unique combination of topics and skill levels.
  • Fyrtio is a new business ability testing solution from the leading online skills testing providers eSkill and is only available in the UK.

Here Is How It Works
If we take one of our most popular assessments Excel Plus as a typical example.

The test comprises 40 questions, a balanced mixture of Excel Simulation, Numerical Proof Reading, Data Checking and Numerical Reasoning. It is available at three different skill levels: Beginner & Intermediate, Intermediate & Advanced or Advanced & Expert with a 40-minute time limit.

Just select the skill level you need and how many credits you require to start – and you can top them up as and when you need to.

Select the test that you want the candidates to take, send them the link as soon as they have completed the test the detailed results come immediately to your inbox.

At the end of the process you will see an overall score for the candidate. This is further broken down into a score for each topic area, how each individual question was answered, and the time taken to answer each question.

Now I am sure that this is of interest to and if so we would love to chat it through with you. Please take the next step and contact us here or talk to us at 0845-8400123 or More details are here .

And Here’s Some Even Better News!
We are currently with a launch phase for Fyrtio to at the moment we are able to waive the £150 Set Up Fee. We are not sure how long this offer is going to last so take the first step and find out more today.

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Can a Great Online Service Come With Outstanding Customer Support?

 Recruitment Assessment’s view is that even with a great online testing solution (ours is) fails it’s clients, if it promises great customer service but doesn’t deliver. That’s why a Recruitment Assessment customer is provided with completely UNLIMITED support from our UK professional advisors and it is always FREE.

  • So whatever the issue is…
  • The appropriate questions for a role
  • Interpreting the results
  • You have a deadline to meet and need help
  • Composing bespoke questions
  • Setting up a test
  • Advice – sorry skills testing matters only!
  • Technical support
  • Or anything else

…we are here to help.

All our customers, large or small, if they are an HR specialist or a Recruitment Agency with demanding clients can depend on us.

If you want to know how we can support your business call us on 0845 8400 123 or email and tell us your problems.

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The eSkill Consensus Evaluation Toolset

Very rarely does a new development arrive on the market that really can change the way that you assess a candidate’s skills.  Consensus from eSkill and Recruitment Assessment could well be just one of those watershed moments.

What Is It?

Consensus, is a major enhancement of the powerful Free Response question. This type of question challenges a candidate to respond to a scenario of the recruiters choosing, typically it would be a situation that would not have yes / no answer but would ask them to demonstrate their strategic planning, leadership skills, clarity of thought and technical knowledge.

In the past a candidate’s answer might have been shown to members of the recruitment / promotion panel each of whom would review and critique.  However their responses were often in an unstructured and uncontrolled way, making it difficult to be sure that an accurate overall assessment was made.

Consensus addresses this problem with a robust and defensible structure. The easily set up solution enables an unlimited number of reviewers to be associated with the process, none of whom have any knowledge of each other’s judgements or any knowledge of the candidte’s name, ethnicity, background or experience. The results then form part of any other eSkills test that the candidate has taken.

Two Examples of How It Might Be Used

ONE: The candidate might need to demonstrate their ability to aggregate information from a variety of contributors, such as department managers, and they are then required to compile an executive summary. In practice this document would need to be approved by a number of managers before being finalised. The managers can assess how the individual has performed and if they have recognised the most important information.

TWO: Project Management is a skill which crosses many disciplines and industries.  The ability to structure a project plan to reflect the needs of stakeholders – whether this be senior management, customers, junior staff, accounts and marketing departments – is key to its success.  Consensus is a great way for recruiters to see, review and score prospective candidates about their ability to identify and communicate effectively with all stakeholders.

Other areas where Consensus could be effective:

  • Graduate Recruitment
  • Assessing the technical expertise of a candidate.
  • Academic / Professional roles
  • Communication style and effectiveness.
  • Strategic business understanding.
  • Leadership potential

How to see Consensus  In Practice

I have attached a PDF detailing the structure but I would suggest a brief demonstration would be the most effective way to appreciate the difference it could make to your candidate recruitment strategy. Contact me directly on 07779-136268 or

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Can Candidate Testing Software Be Powerful Yet Easy To Use?

There are two key factors which our online skills testing clients place high importance on.

Firstly, they require that any solution needs to be both comprehensive and be feature rich enough to meet the increasing challenges of candidate recruitment.

Secondly, regardless of the complexity of the role that they are trying to recruit for, they need software which is intuitive and simple to utilise.

eSkill scores very high on both of these criteria. Not only does it provide a comprehensive and sophisticated toolset, such as customisable questions and employer branding and personalisation, but it also is very user friendly.

If you would like to see for yourself how eSkill could be the online skills testing solution of choice for you and your organisation, allow me to give you a brief no obligation demonstration. Call or email Warren today to set up a short demonstration – or take our FREE taster test here.

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When was the last time you reviewed your business skills testing software?

A survey conducted this month (January 2017) by Recruitment Assessment across 50 non customer companies who use business skills testing software has revealed that almost 80% of them have not reviewed the service in the last 3 years or more.  Nearly half of respondents were not convinced that they were not getting the full value from their software but had not done anything about it.

Warren Bresler Managing Director of Recruitment Assessment said: “What we find on a pretty regular basis is that the needs of the business have changed and often those who were involved in the original decision to buy the current software are no longer in the business.”

He continued: “Business skills testing software, like all software, advances at a rapid pace and what was cutting edge yesterday is pretty ordinary today. It is vital that companies schedule regular reviews to assess the relevance and value that it offers in comparison to alternative providers.  To address this we have been offering a free trial/comparison of or own software with no obligation and we have been successful in attracting new customers because of a whole range of features that are now available with eSkill.”

Anyone who would like to compare the eSkill software with no obligation should contact Warren Bresler at or visit

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Recruitment Hotspots For 2017 And The Increased Competition For Jobs

I read with interest a recent report in On Rec which talked about the big growth areas for recruitment in 2017 and the fact that there will be more competition for jobs.  With a workforce one click away from applying for jobs it is easy to see how HR’s and recruitment agencies can be overwhelmed with response.  Which is perhaps why candidate testing would make sense to ratify the “office” related skills claims of candidates whilst also eliminating wasted time and cost from getting it wrong.

The report said:

New data from the UK’s leading independent job site, CV-Library, has found that the design, leisure and tourism and catering industries are some of the top sectors to find a new job this year, showing great promise for job hunters looking for work in these areas.

The data, which analysed the average number of jobs in the UK’s key sectors in 2016, found that the top ten industries for work in 2017 are:

  • Design – up 43%
  • Leisure/Tourism – up 33%
  • Catering – up 33%
  • Legal – up 32%
  • Agriculture – up 32%
  • Automotive – up 28%
  • Social Care – up 27%
  • Manufacturing – up 26%
  • Marketing – up 25%
  • Education – up 25%

And while there are more jobs available, there is also fierce competition for these roles, with applications rising by 31% in leisure/tourism, 24% in design and 13% in catering. Furthermore, other key sectors saw a substantial increase in applications last year, including agriculture (up 41%), manufacturing (up 30%) and automotive (up 23), with all figures expected to pick up substantially this New Year.

To find out more how our skills testing services could help you then contact us today.