Branding options

Many of our clients are aware that their brand and reputation have a major role in the recruitment process. Frequently an online skills test invitation can be one of the first times they have been contacted by the company. To help make that interaction more engaging we have a number of tools to help you they are all standard with our Premium service.

  • Your logo is featured on the test the candidate takes – build a bond right from the start
  • Your colours – make our centre appear in your corporate colours
  • Create your own email test invitations in the test centre – make them relevant to the specific role
  • Your logo is featured in the email invitations – re-enforce the connection
  • Add a custom field of your choice to the test login – right to work or job reference
  • Add your own custom instructions to the candidate – tell them about the testing process
  • Take them directly to your own web site when they have completed the test
  • Custom questions – create as many as you want, use any of your own resources
  • Every test comprises the specific questions that you want – match the test to the role
  • Choose the number of questions that you feel is right
  • Set the time limit you prefer for the test

Some of our satisfied clients