Aspirant – Reveal everyone’s skills

What is Aspirant?    Who needs Aspirant?    How do I get Aspirant?

Business skills testing for new staff, like Recruitment Assessment’s, is regularly used by employers.  It is a proven and effective strategy, however, what it usually reveals is how good that candidates’ skills are for the role they have applied for – not necessarily what other attributes they might bring to your organisation.

Aspirant gives you a companywide insight – search every employee’s results. See who could be an asset in a completely different role or team. Potentially you could reduce external recruitment or current staff leaving the company. Have a complete picture of the skills present in the organisation.

Any member of staff that wishes to can access the test library, they select the tests that they want to take. There are 40 tests to choose from:

  • Candidates personal data is hidden from managers
  • HR team can share results if appropriate
  • Overall Score
  • Score for Each Topic Area
  • How Each Individual Question was Answered
  • Time Taken to Answer Every Question

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You can improve the way that you test candidates; More Effectively, Reduce Costs, Improve Candidate Experience.